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quiltcloseLast week, in a brief respite from toddler mania, I finished this quilt.  It took me a year and a half (most of that time spent folded up sitting idly on a shelf), but I did it.  I used up a lot of scraps – to keep it simple, I cut them in long strips using the width of my ruler as my template.  When I started piecing those strips together, and joining them into panels, I realized that an entire quilt of all small long strips would be very, very busy, so I added the larger panels (fat quarters sewn together – again, keeping it simple).  I also thought I would tie this quilt at first, but after doing two squares I realized it was a ton of work and not what I wanted visually, so I ripped them out and machine quilted it.  This was a scary, new project for me, and I am quite pleased to have finished it.  Not to mention that the nights are getting cooler and our old quilt was completely falling apart, so it’s a good thing it’s done.

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    Adrie,ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!I love the colors,and your right,nights have gotten cold!!!Hope all is well on your end,miss you!!!!xoxox

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    Thank you Holly, miss you too! Oh I wish I had your toddler charming powers these days :) Are you well? Send me an email & catch me up – farmfeastcsa (a)
    Much love,

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    Gorgeous! Congratulations! It really is beautiful and looks cosy!

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    It’s wonderful, Adrie- the colors are perfect! It feels so good to finally finish a project that has been sitting a while!

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    Kimberlie Ott

    Wow, gorgeous!!! I love the yellows in it, you did a great job! :) Yeah for you!

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    Thanks Sarah!!

  7. 7

    Thanks Melanie, it does feel wonderful indeed :)

  8. 8

    Thanks so much!!

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