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Knitting, Reading, & Such

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along). We start homeschooling next week, with the start of September.  After a stretch of very cool days, and the wonderful earlier nightfalls, I’m really feeling it.  The urge to organize, to clean the nooks & crannies, to get started on the next phase. I’m nearly done with Gabriel’s adorable squirrel […]

Yarn Along

Here’s what seems to happen every year – in late winter I’m knitting like a madwoman, in spring I have no interest in it whatsoever and start to wonder why I own all these skeins and needles, and right around the summer solstice I start knitting away. Funny how that goes. I cast on a […]

Books for First Grade & Some Knitting

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along, sharing knitting and reading.) I’ve almost finished this Rapunzel hat for Ella – a great pattern. Super simple, looks way harder than it actually is, and knits up crazy fast because the yarn is so thick. Ben and I have been reading Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal […]

Feb 20

This week, I started to feel some confidence creeping back, in fits and starts. I started to remember that I have lived most of my life believing that mistakes are eventually forgiven, that we are surrounded by love, even if our eyes and hearts are sometimes shut tight with fear or worry. Tonight, I’m spending […]

This Week,

we have to: ship about 10,000 pounds of grain to Waltham. Get ourselves (and children) to Waltham safe and sound. Help our CSA members scoop their bags full of grains and take it home happily. Get ourselves safely back home. Keep your fingers crossed for us. (At least distribution isn’t in my living room this […]

A Big Sweater.

Well folks, I finished Ben’s raglan at last.  The brown wool is from a fleece I got when I was a teenager, helping my mom out at Middleton Plantation in Charleston (where I grew up), and finally sent off to the mill to be spun when we sent off fleeces from our own sheep.  The […]

Just Like That

Just like that, September’s gone and October is here.  For me, the summer seems to drag on endlessly, and the fall just flies by in turbulent winds of change.  Ella lost her first tooth (it’s hard to tell in the photo, because her adult teeth are coming in already behind), with another about to follow.  […]

Reading & Knitting

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along today) I have the excellent problem right now that I am reading a lot of really good books. Awakening Shakti, by Sally Kempton, is a really fascinating look at the stories of the Hindu goddesses (which I know basically nothing about), and about tapping into those stories and those goddesses […]

Getting Ready for School

(Joining Ginny from Small Things for Yarn Along) I’ve been very quiet here lately, mostly because my days are pretty full with working at the cafe.  When I’m not there, I’m chasing our very exuberant toddler around, whose new tricks include climbing the stairs when he thinks I’m not looking, and standing up on chairs, […]

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along: I’m packing for Montreal – the most important things first. Knitting, and reading. Usualyl I pack lots of food, but since we’re house swapping, we’ll have a kitchen there, plus tons of farmers markets to visit and explore. I cast on a Bulle for Ella – so sweet, and I […]