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Some Finished Things

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along) Sometimes, you need to finish a small project. Know what I mean? I cast on this Odessa hat, um, two springs ago, and this month, despite craziness, I put in a stitch here and there to finish it. Phew. Our cafe is closed for a few days, for renovations, installing […]

Hard Work, Munchkins, Yarn, & Twitter. Whew.

I’ve spent the past week working my tail off.  Really, I thought I was working pretty hard before, but apparently not.  Sometimes, it is possible to be working hard at Wheatberry, trying to renovate our house, planting/tending the garden, and trying to sew my daughter’s birthday present before June.  I know, if I were to […]

Fair Isle Raglan & a little more about marriage

Joining Ginny today for Yarn Along – always fun.  I’m still knitting away on my husband’s raglan.  It is fun to show today, since I finished the fair isle band and I’m really tickled with how it came out! I picked up Eight Human Talents at the library a few weeks ago, and while I […]

Knitting & Reading – Fair Isle & Bebe

Happy Spring Everyone! I’m about halfway through the fiar isle chest band on Ben’s raglan now. The fair isle is slower going, certainly, but so beautiful that I think it’s worth it. Dreaming now of making a fair isle vest for the little man, perhaps.  I’m trying to remembering that I knit for enjoyment and […]

French Kids Eat Everything (Plus Knitting and Dyeing)

  Joining Ginny for Yarn Along today.  I’m reading – and loving! – French Kids Eat Everything.  This book rocks, and I can’t summarize it because there’s so much good info.  The story of a family who moves from Vancouver to France for a year, and discovers that their daughters (who only eat pasta and […]

Knitting & Reading

Joining Ginny today for Yarn Along – knitting and reading!  I know I just talked about Nourishing Traditions last time, but guess what?  They just released a book on Baby & Child Care, which I love love love.  We’re carrying it at the bakery, and I find it so satisfying to send home with people!  […]

Knitting & Reading

Joining Ginny today with knitting and reading for Yarn Along. I’m working hard to finish some lingering knitting projects – no new ones until I’m finished! I finished Gabriel’s Plain Pickle, and now this World’s Warmest Hat for my mother in law is almost done (only two years on the needles, ahem, sorry Nana!). Love […]

February – A Poem & A Sweater

Maybe my Gift of a Year is starting to sink in – since this gift arrived last week while driving Ella to school. Plus, I finally finished the baby’s birthday sweater. Sweet. February I saw it this morning – the dark clouds mounting the sky, and the sun climbing up anyway. The wind that blew […]

Yarn Along – The Gift of a Year

A few weeks ago, I saw this book on someone’s shelf.  It jumped out at me, and I immediately wrote down the title, and ordered it from the library.  The Gift of a Year.  I don’t want to say too much about it, because the book says it so well itself.  The Gift of a […]

One Year Old

On Christmas Day, this baby turned one year old! We spent the week before sick with the flu, so my dreams of finishing handknit sweaters ended quickly, but I did manage to finish this vest, inspired by my friend Kyce’s super cute baby vest. Per her instructions, I cast on what seemed like the right […]