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What blazes the way

Just a little hello. In addition to homeschooling, and regular life, I’ve started taking an herbal course, which means that all my extra moments are spent on materia medica and stirring up potions. When I was a girl, I wanted to be a witch, and it turns out I was right. Wanted to share this […]


Autumn – most beloved – I confess I hardly noticed you this year, until I took myself out of the library and into your forests. You had begun glowing without me, and I knew at once this was one of your gifts today – knowing that each of us shines though no one seems to […]

Grieving & Planning

Like many, we’ve been grieving this week for Robin Williams.  Personally, I’m heartbroken not just by his death, but by how much suffering he must have felt during his life, amidst all that joy and laughter he was bringing.  I think for any of us who are touched by depression and mental illness – either […]

May 23

  Next Time by William Stafford Next time what I’d do is look at the earth before saying anything. I’d stop just before going into a house and be an emperor for a minute and listen better to the wind or to the air being still. When anyone talked to me, whether blame or praise […]

The Numbers

The Numbers by Kim Addonizio How many nights have I lain here like this, feverish with plans, with fears, with the last sentence someone spoke, still trying to finish a conversation already over? How many nights were wasted in not sleeping, how many in sleep—I don’t know how many hungers there are, how much radiance […]


  Late Fragment by Raymond Carver And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so? I did. And what did you want? To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth.


Forsythia   Barely April, we saw her – bright yellow bursting bravely into the chill day. Too foolish to wait for the safe warm days and nights, the proper dressing of green leaves, she rushes into the world as if she knows we need her, sunny yellow along her exposed branches, too eager to wait, too […]

April 9

    (Writing along for National Poetry Month, using a prompt from the sweet site A.L.M.) Sunny Side Up They wake, sometimes, calling my name, or kicking at the blankets like shackles, or sometimes I am the one panting, trickling sweat, half-believing the dream was really lived – I am out walking in the woods, […]

Out of the Deep Winter

As the last snows melt, and the sun begins to warm more than the top inch of soil, I’m starting to really believe that we made it – spring is here! Whew. This was a long. long. winter, in all senses of the phrase.  We had, like many places, deep snows (which we often do) […]

March 20

  Spring Equinox   Today, we woke up happy.  We fed the horse, the sheep, we spread out a blanket on the living room floor and had a breakfast picnic, giggling.  The sun warmed us, we opened the windows, we remembered this life’s perfection. The day went on, and we forgot. We were cranky, tired, […]