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When spring comes it breaks us open like mercy like we have finally been forgiven. (c) Adrie Lester    

Something Taken.

A little poem, written long ago when we were first starting this business. These days, I feel that an awful lot is being taken. Except for my family, which I am treasuring.  Waiting to see what happens next. * * * After a week of warmth, I step into the cold, crisp night and find […]

The Fox

The Fox   Of course I thought of you when I saw him— the blue-grey fox waiting in the frosted grass for my car to move on so that he could cross the road. I thought how greedy I am— I want and want— and, amazingly, I have been given everything I ever truly wanted. […]

Jan 24

The Full Weight Last night your full weight came down upon us. The dogs’ paws were twitching in their happy dreaming, but you watched us from the dark wood statue of the monk, his sorrow lined face. We were clutching each other on the couch, waiting for your weight to lift, but instead you settled […]

Thoughts for a Happier New Year

Thoughts for a Happier New Year . . . last year was pretty challenging, friends, and this one may be even trickier. Here a few reminders to myself that I’ve been mulling over – perhaps some of them will be useful to you, as well.   Get outside, every day. Practice yoga. Keep the house […]

(Gratitude Friday) Reminder to Myself:

Remember this, self, when you want to sleep in – getting up early is the gift. (Unrelated photos of amazing pizzas Ben made for dinner recently. You can see why I married him.) Why I Wake Early By Mary Oliver Hello, sun in my face. Hello, you who made the morning and spread it over […]

February – A Poem & A Sweater

Maybe my Gift of a Year is starting to sink in – since this gift arrived last week while driving Ella to school. Plus, I finally finished the baby’s birthday sweater. Sweet. February I saw it this morning – the dark clouds mounting the sky, and the sun climbing up anyway. The wind that blew […]

Remember: The Red Bowl

Time to remind myself of this, and thought perhaps you’d like a reminder, too.  Blessings on your weekend, friends. The Red Bowl Taking the dog for a walk after work, you smell wild grapes. (Always the question: What more could you want?) It is the second day of fall. You see the dog’s breath and […]

Gratitude Friday – Let the Limbs be Cut Back

Can we be grateful for the hard pieces of our life, as well as the beautiful? Can we accept that there is growth to be found, that there is a lesson we are learning, even if we don’t know what it is yet? * * * “All art …” by Carl Phillips Routinely the sea, […]


Lest you think that I’m all grumps and thunder these days . . . I’m either laughing here at the enormity of my own belly, or at something Ella was saying.  Maybe both.  As baby gets closer, I can’t help but remember the baby who might have been born in October.  Every time I dream […]