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A Birthday & A Pool

  We (mostly) finished the pond in time for Ella’s birthday party last weekend – hooray!  She wanted to start her day with birthday waffles, which is frankly a great idea.  A lot of friends and family joined us to celebrate, and we had lovely weather.  It was awesome, and exhausting.  I think it’s been […]

Thoughts for a Happier New Year

Thoughts for a Happier New Year . . . last year was pretty challenging, friends, and this one may be even trickier. Here a few reminders to myself that I’ve been mulling over – perhaps some of them will be useful to you, as well.   Get outside, every day. Practice yoga. Keep the house […]

December 22

Right now, I’m feeling grateful that we’re doing our most simple holiday celebrations ever – and trying hard to stick to it.  (It’s hard not to get swept away by the fervor!)  Inspired partly by Ginny last year, we’re just doing stocking stuffers for the children.  They’ll get a few gifts from grandparents, and that […]


Gratitudes: For friends who are also feeling grateful these days, too. For finally getting to canning some applesauce – it’s been three years since it last happened in my kitchen. Grateful, especially, for beautiful organic apples from a local orchard, spared by the spring frosts this year. Grateful to be feeling more and more like […]

One Year Old

On Christmas Day, this baby turned one year old! We spent the week before sick with the flu, so my dreams of finishing handknit sweaters ended quickly, but I did manage to finish this vest, inspired by my friend Kyce’s super cute baby vest. Per her instructions, I cast on what seemed like the right […]

Keeping It Simple

  I’m thinking about ways to keep this holiday season simple. When I look back at my own childhood, what do I remember most as being truly special? Here’s the short list I made – yours might look quite different: Beautiful music & singing (I was in a choir for many years) Beautiful decorations & […]

The Closest We Got

Every day lately I’ve been waking up energized, thinking, “Aha – today I will clean the house, answer those urgent emails, organize at the bakery, etc etc . . .”  Today, I had big plans to finally get some holiday spirit going here at our house – a Christmas tree, and gathering some greens around […]


Since we last spoke, this baby got his first teeth.  First, the two on bottom, and soon enough, the two on top.  Can you see them peeking through? Can you believe it? Someone said to me a few days ago that Christmas is almost here.  Hold on, folks!  This baby of mine will be one […]

Gratitude Friday – Five

Well, what can I say? I’ve missed this space and all of you, but May is super crazed around here, and WordPress was acting funny. But here we are now. This little man is five months old – almost half a year! It’s zooming past, just as I knew it would. Ella’s first few months […]

For a New Year

I read these two quotes (day 71 & day 72) in Meditations from the Mat a few days before New Year’s.  I could say a lot about what they mean to me, and how I think they might shape my year, but I think I’ll just let the quotes do the talking.  Blessings on your […]