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The Turning

Hello everyone! I was going to try and write something about this last tumult of days, but then I read this terrific, honest post from Sistermama Gets Real. Apparently, she has been having the same week as me, except that we also have a broken well pump and no water. Anyhow, it’s Rosh Hashanah, the […]

Birthday of the Trees

Yesterday was Tu Bishevat, the Birthday of the Trees on the Jewish calender. It’s traditional to plant a tree on this day, but, um, there’s more snow falling outside on top of our three-foot drifts. We spent the week planting some of the season’s first seeds (lettuces and cold hardy greens), deciding which fruit trees […]

Take Joy

For December’s Piece Together Peace intention, I’m working to “take joy.”  This comes from the oft-quoted Fra Diavoli prayer: No heaven can come to us unless our hearts find rest in it today. Take heaven. No peace lies in the future which is not hidden in this present instant. Take Peace. The gloom of the […]

Gratitude Friday

Grateful to be less miserably sick (although definitely still recovering). Grateful for my first food other than miso and chicken broth – I craved cabbage soup. Grateful for family visiting, warm fires, and these brave little candles in the window. Grateful that this vest is almost done!  (I took this photo for Yarn Along, but […]


I go outside with my lantern, my lantern goes with me Above the stars shine brightly, down here on earth shone we The cock does crow, the cat meows, la bimmel, la bammel, la boom, ‘Neath heaven’s dome til we go home, la bimmel, la bammel, la boom. (you can hear this sung here) I […]