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A Few Good Things

Sometimes, when I am feel grumpy, I remember to pick up the camera and look around through new eyes to find something good.  It works really well – there is almost always something, once I open my eyes anew.  Here are a few good things from this week: hops drying, tomato harvests, homemade taco dinner, […]

Jan 17

  These last weeks have been an excellent reminder, that if you’re having trouble feeling content with your normal life, the universe will happily supply a lot of chaos to help you remember. Highlights have included equipment breaking, a piece of our bedroom ceiling falling in in the middle of the night, a one-week construction […]

(Gratitude Friday) Reminder to Myself:

Remember this, self, when you want to sleep in – getting up early is the gift. (Unrelated photos of amazing pizzas Ben made for dinner recently. You can see why I married him.) Why I Wake Early By Mary Oliver Hello, sun in my face. Hello, you who made the morning and spread it over […]

A Little Spring Poem – With Gratitude

The moon. The darkened mountains. Need I say more? (c) Adrie Lester 2013


Thank goodness Friday is here at last!  What a tumultuous couple of weeks this has been, with so much terrible news between the Monsanto Protection Act passing and Keystone still looming over our heads. On the other hand, over 1 Million Americans wrote public comments asking the President to vote against Keystone – THANK YOU! […]


Gabriel, painting.  He gets very excited when Ella and I take out our watercolor painting, so I let him play first, with a jar of water and our paintbrushes.  He was working with such seriousness, it nearly broke my heart.  Oh, this baby.  He is getting to be such a very big baby.  He still […]

Gratitude & Why Food Matters

I used to do a Gratitude Friday post here, but I think I’d like to try starting the week off with a gratitude post, instead. One of the guided meditations I’ve been listening to and practicing, includes this wonderful section: The breath is flowing in and out of the heart – for a moment, feel […]

Gratitude Friday – Let the Limbs be Cut Back

Can we be grateful for the hard pieces of our life, as well as the beautiful? Can we accept that there is growth to be found, that there is a lesson we are learning, even if we don’t know what it is yet? * * * “All art …” by Carl Phillips Routinely the sea, […]

Gratitude Friday

Last night, after the little ones were sleeping, we talked about how we’ve been working nonstop and we’re pretty exhausted, but we’re grateful. Grateful to have a healthy family, grateful to be here on this good piece of earth, grateful for the work. Ben said, “If we didn’t have all this work to do, we’d […]

Gratitude Friday – Five

Well, what can I say? I’ve missed this space and all of you, but May is super crazed around here, and WordPress was acting funny. But here we are now. This little man is five months old – almost half a year! It’s zooming past, just as I knew it would. Ella’s first few months […]