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Every Day

Friday.  A day home after many busy but good days at the bakery.  We spent the morning in the hoophouse and then disced the fields with Cole (our draft horse), while Ella and Gabriel, amazingly, sat in the car and listened to this children’s version of the Magic Flute. I’ve been thinking a lot about […]

Thinking About

these quotes . . . ” Your work will prove your love. You may be exhausted with work, you may even kill yourself, but unless your work is interwoven with love, it is useless. To work without love is slavery.” – Mother Teresa, from No Greater Joy “Kindness has converted more people than zeal, eloquence, […]

Gardening & Gratitude

I’m a little later than usual with both of these, but it was one of those weeks.  (Have I mentioned that Gabriel has four teeth coming in?  So you can guess how well I’m sleeping, lol.) Nonetheless, I am grateful.  Grateful for all the sunshine we’ve been soaking up.  Grateful for how my two little […]

Gratitude Friday

This morning, I am especially grateful for a baby sleeping on a  sheepskin, a blazing fire in the woodstove, a cup of miso soup, and a few hours of quiet stillness while I try to kick a cold (the Big Girl is “helping” her Dada at the bakery today).  Grateful for this body, which never […]

Gratitude Friday – Favorites

This month has been filled with so many things, a beautiful baby, a hoophouse cover blowing off in a wind storm, the unexpected death of a young mother who lives just down the street from us, and the kindness and help of friends and neighbors.  Despite all this, or perhaps even because of it, I’ve […]


Ella singing to Gabriel in the morning, while he listened intently and smiled smiled smiled.  (The roving in her hair is her solution to wanting long, dyed hair.  Pretty ingenius.) Start em young – reading about keeping a family cow. At last, the answer to Gabriel’s nightly hour of crying – a finger to chew […]


Goodbye, 2010!  Thank you for such a challenging and beautiful year.  You gave me the will to rise early.  You brought ten thousand pounds of grains into our neighbors kitchens, and local bread onto the shelf at Wheatberry.  You brought a drought that walked us out to the Three Sisters Field each day carrying gallons […]

Gratitude Friday

Grateful to be less miserably sick (although definitely still recovering). Grateful for my first food other than miso and chicken broth – I craved cabbage soup. Grateful for family visiting, warm fires, and these brave little candles in the window. Grateful that this vest is almost done!  (I took this photo for Yarn Along, but […]


I’m grateful for the new cat in our life, a sweet grey fluffy girl named Jasper. I’m grateful for the arrival of a very dear old friend, who is here for Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for our customers, and our community, which helps us do the work we love. I’m grateful for successful homemade tortillas (recipe […]

Gratitude Friday

I’m grateful for the fall, which lays bare the bones of the land again, showing us her curves and beauty.  The mountains appear sometimes as we drive up and down these hills, the stones walls peek out from beneath the fallen leaves. Grateful for these healthy lambs, which are getting so big!  Someone else is […]