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A Few Good Things

Sometimes, when I am feel grumpy, I remember to pick up the camera and look around through new eyes to find something good.  It works really well – there is almost always something, once I open my eyes anew.  Here are a few good things from this week: hops drying, tomato harvests, homemade taco dinner, […]

Another Good Reason for Kids to Do Chores

In our house, attitude correction tool #1 is doing chores. I don’t know why I seem to need to learn many life lessons over and over (and over . . .) again before I really start to get the lesson.  In this case, I have realized the magical powers of children’s chores, but slowly the […]


I’m starting to wake up to the fact that we’re in the aftershock stage of closing down our cafe.  At the very start, once we’d made that difficult decision, we were pretty euphoric.  At last, we thought, we’ll be able to do all the things we’ve been putting off!  And some of them we got […]


What a week.  From deciding to say goodbye to our cafe, to jumping right in on new business ideas, and starting to transform a neglected space in our home into a place where we will be able to shoot cooking videos and more . . . I think the photos speak for themselves.  Blessings on […]

Cooking at Home

A new sort of menu, for our new days here . . . we have our last week of open doors at the cafe, but with shorter hours so we are in between.  Realizing I have to get back in the groove of cooking three meals a day (and snacks).  Exciting, but a change for […]

March 7 – A Dinner Menu

Partly inspired by Heather’s recent post, and Melanie’s post, too, I wanted to start on next week’s meal plan.  Life has been nutty lately, and I admit dinner has been pretty fly by the seat of our pants around here lately.  Let’s plan together, shall we? Monday:  Spinach & Corn Lasagna or Stuffed Shells (made […]

The Good News about Vacuuming & Spending Money

Really. It occurred to me today, while vacuuming our house for the millionth time (with two large dogs and a farm, ideally I vacuum downstairs every day . . . in reality every few days), that having to vacuum is a really good sign. Not only is it a sign that we’re alive, we beings […]


(in the children’s room, previously) When we returned from Montreal, I thought it would be a nice restful transition to rearrange our entire house.  Ha! I’m joking about the restful part, but we really did rearrange, inspired by our time away.  At home, we had the parents bedroom and the childrens’ bedroom upstairs, with kitchen, […]

The New Breakfast Chef

  There’s a new breakfast chef in our house – Ella.  She’s been very interested in cooking and baking with us lately, although often this ends up with her trying to make dinner, while I’m already in the midst of making dinner.  As part of a general change of climate around here, I’m looking for […]

Hard Work, Munchkins, Yarn, & Twitter. Whew.

I’ve spent the past week working my tail off.  Really, I thought I was working pretty hard before, but apparently not.  Sometimes, it is possible to be working hard at Wheatberry, trying to renovate our house, planting/tending the garden, and trying to sew my daughter’s birthday present before June.  I know, if I were to […]