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Get Real: Housework

A few weeks ago, when I posted about having a garden this year instead of a farm, the wonderful and sweet Tonya of Plain & Joyful Living said to me that she had just been telling her husband about my family, and wondering how we did it all.  I replied that I’d been wondering the […]

Au Revoir to Snacks

Inspired by French Kids Eat Everything, we are cutting snacks down in our house.  Waaaay down, from “feed the children a snack anytime they’re hungry, except maybe 10 minutes before dinner” to afternoon snack. Let me confess – I am a big time snacker.  My mother once described my preferred eating style as “grazing,” and […]

Loose Ends

Are you feeling it, too?  The sap is rising, the snow has nearly melted, and spring cleaning season is here.  I’m certainly feeling it.  I think I mentioned that I’ve been trying to finish up old projects – knitting, sewing, mending .  . . I’ve had the urge to scrub down parts of the house […]

GAPS Dinner Menu for the Week

As I started the GAPS diet with the little babe, I’ve been so grateful to all the wonderful folks who have shared their experiences and wisdom.  I wanted to give a little bit of that back by sharing a current example of meal planning in my home – a week of GAPS-friendly dinners.  You know […]

Love: GAPS Intro

I’ll be honest with you, friends – moving into GAPS Intro was not easy for me, although I thought it would be.  The baby and I had already been grain-free, egg-free, bean-free, and dairy-free for three months, but I still had some trouble those first rocky days.  Mostly, I think I caused my own trouble […]

Starting GAPS

This week, the baby and I are starting the GAPS diet.  Several of you mentioned GAPS after my last post on our digestive challenges, and then a dear friend of mine loaned me the GAPS book.  The little I knew about GAPS was that it’s most commonly used by families who have autistic children, so […]

A Fixer Upper

We live in a fixer upper. This has been true for, um, seven years now, but it seems to just finally be sinking in for me.  When Ben set up a table saw and miter saw and a big stack of lumber in one of our downstairs rooms just before Thanksgiving, I walked in the […]


  Some of you haven’t heard from me in a long while – our sites got hacked and the rss feed was messed up, so welcome back!  I’ve been here, but it’s so lovely to all be here together again – be sure and leave a comment and tell me how you’ve been. This month […]


Some thoughts about warmth, from our recent mother’s circle. I thought you might like them, too. This month we talked about *warmth*. The days are getting chilly and it’s time to be bundling ourselves and our children up – Mamas of children under 7, this is especially for you. Your small ones do not know […]

Radical Kitchens

Hello everyone!  Ben, Gabriel, and I had so much fun presenting at NOFA last weekend!  The great news is that Ben got it all on video, so very soon we’ll have those videos up here for you to view! In the meantime, get a cup of tea and dig in to the handout I gave […]