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A Lot of Walks

  Still here, though quiet these days.  Mostly, I’m busy in the days with homeschooling Ella (2nd grade), my own herbal studies, and general mothering/homekeeping.  By night I’m so tired that I go to sleep with the kids, or possibly read a little.  But I do miss this space, so ehre I am.  My big […]

The First Week, & Things Get A Little Less Quiet

This is our first week of second grade here at home.  I like to ease into the year a bit, and we’re starting with Native American creation stories, form drawing, and gardening.  On Mondays, we do baking & French.  The week started a bit ominously, with the toddler waking up for several hours (wide awake!) […]

Knitting, Reading, & Such

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along). We start homeschooling next week, with the start of September.  After a stretch of very cool days, and the wonderful earlier nightfalls, I’m really feeling it.  The urge to organize, to clean the nooks & crannies, to get started on the next phase. I’m nearly done with Gabriel’s adorable squirrel […]

Grieving & Planning

Like many, we’ve been grieving this week for Robin Williams.  Personally, I’m heartbroken not just by his death, but by how much suffering he must have felt during his life, amidst all that joy and laughter he was bringing.  I think for any of us who are touched by depression and mental illness – either […]

Books for First Grade & Some Knitting

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along, sharing knitting and reading.) I’ve almost finished this Rapunzel hat for Ella – a great pattern. Super simple, looks way harder than it actually is, and knits up crazy fast because the yarn is so thick. Ben and I have been reading Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal […]

Wild Edibles

(trout lily) (ramps) (bloodroot) (fiddlehead ferns) (garlic mustard) This weekend, we were thrilled to go on a Wild Edibles walk with some local folks. We have a “Fresh & Feral” share with Acorn Kitchen, and part of the share is a monthly wild edibles walk – showing us plants, tasting, talking about how to harvest […]

Feb 14

Grateful for yesterday – Another blizzard, another healing day at home. Except for the part where Ella didn’t want to do school, and instead of remaining calm, I got really frustrated. It happens. Partly, I think it’s time to set our math block aside and move back to writing. Partly, I need to chill out […]

Just Like That

Just like that, September’s gone and October is here.  For me, the summer seems to drag on endlessly, and the fall just flies by in turbulent winds of change.  Ella lost her first tooth (it’s hard to tell in the photo, because her adult teeth are coming in already behind), with another about to follow.  […]

Last Week, We . . .

Picked some wild grapes and made three wee little jars of jam.  More than we’ve made before. Washed a lot of wool outside in a tub, with some Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds (that’s just what I have around, you can use almost any mild soap).  Amazing to see the fleece whiten up.  Gabriel spent his […]

September Circle Time

I wanted to share our beginning circle time, since I appreciate so much the other homeschoolers who share theirs.  Blessings on your week, friends. September Circle Time: (start by lighting a candle) Opening Verse (parent/teacher recites:) The Sun with loving light Makes bright for me each day The soul with spirit power gives strength unto […]