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Elderflower Champagne

If you’ve never tasted it, let me be the first to tell you – elderflower champagne tastes like the nectar of the gods.  It’s very mildly alcoholic and very fragrantly floral.  Elderflowers are blooming right now here in western MA, so go pick a few (but remember to leave plenty to mature into fruits!) and […]

Another Good Reason for Kids to Do Chores

In our house, attitude correction tool #1 is doing chores. I don’t know why I seem to need to learn many life lessons over and over (and over . . .) again before I really start to get the lesson.  In this case, I have realized the magical powers of children’s chores, but slowly the […]

June 18

It’s nearly the summer solstice, and as usual I’m grumpy and underslept.  It’s just the way it usually is for me this time of year . . . yes, the flowers are beautiful, the peas fresh from the garden are delicious, and our pond is nearly finished.  It’s amazing, but this is usually a hard […]

A Birthday & A Pool

  We (mostly) finished the pond in time for Ella’s birthday party last weekend – hooray!  She wanted to start her day with birthday waffles, which is frankly a great idea.  A lot of friends and family joined us to celebrate, and we had lovely weather.  It was awesome, and exhausting.  I think it’s been […]


I’m starting to wake up to the fact that we’re in the aftershock stage of closing down our cafe.  At the very start, once we’d made that difficult decision, we were pretty euphoric.  At last, we thought, we’ll be able to do all the things we’ve been putting off!  And some of them we got […]

Love What You Love: 2

Didn’t I do a post once about allowing ourselves to love what we love, to accept the ups and downs of our own energy and passions? I should really listen to myself more often. I feel like I’m entering another level of this idea these days. It’s funny how sometimes we are so good at […]

May 23

  Next Time by William Stafford Next time what I’d do is look at the earth before saying anything. I’d stop just before going into a house and be an emperor for a minute and listen better to the wind or to the air being still. When anyone talked to me, whether blame or praise […]

Coming Home

I had two different home comings this month. First, we went to Charleston, SC to visit my mother in the house where I spent the latter half of my childhood.  We got very lucky in Charleston, and were able to spend almost every day on Folly Beach. (Our one rainy day was spent at the […]

Books for First Grade & Some Knitting

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along, sharing knitting and reading.) I’ve almost finished this Rapunzel hat for Ella – a great pattern. Super simple, looks way harder than it actually is, and knits up crazy fast because the yarn is so thick. Ben and I have been reading Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal […]

Planting Seeds & Planning the Forest Garden

  Today was a good day to plant seeds.  I direct-seeded beets, collards, salsify (a first time for us), and planted some Black Jade corn in pots in the hoophouse to keep the crows off it.  I transplanted some beautiful lettuces and salad greens from their soil blocks into the soil in our hoophouse.  The […]