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We Did This

(you know how I feel about birthday pies . . .) Thanks so much for all of your kind words about my article for Rhythm of the Home!  It’s a joy to be part of such a supportive community. This is another big month for us – planting beans for Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA, […]

Step Six – Big Box Boycott

If you’ve just joined us recently, this post is part of the Ten Steps Series – you can find previous posts under the “Favorites” bar to the right, or under the “Ten Steps” category. Step Six is the Big Box Boycott.  A big box store is any chain – from the mega-chains like Wal-Mart and […]

Step Seven – Less Seafood In Your Belly

(whoops – I wrote this and then realized I had skipped Step Six!  I’ll do that one next, but in the meantime . . .) I really wish that this step read something like this: I am thrilled to announce that eating seafood is super sustainable, and we can all go stuff our bellies with […]

Step Five – Bag It

(my current favorite tote) Cloth Bag It, that is.  I imagine many of you, dear readers, already bring your trusty cloth bags to the grocery store.  Mad props to you (er, congrats).  That is super good news, because not only are plastic bags and even paper bags for groceries ugly and wasteful, they could pretty […]

Step Four P.S. The Cows

” I recently saw a video recorded secretly by a Humane Society investigator . . .that sparked the country’s largest-ever beef recall . . . as part of the USDA inspection process, cows must be able to walk under their own steam to slaughter as a precaution against their having, for example, mad cow disease […]

Step 4: Eat Less Meat, Eat More Grass

“I knew it”, you’re thinking,” She’s finally cracked.  Now this crazy hippie want us to go out to the front lawn like rabbits and eat grass.” Never fear, friends, I mean eat grass (and sunlight!) through the meat and dairy products you consume.  Meaning, make sure those animals ate grass, not corn and other industrial […]

Step One – Buy Less Stuff

First, I want to thank everyone for your wonderful, thought-provoking comments and emails.  Keep em coming!  Because of the amount of response, I’d like to spend the next week or so delving in a little deeper here.  I thought I’d go through the steps again, and show you how we’ve applied them in our lives, […]