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oh my the pies

Hello friends.  Don’t forget to keep entering the Local Bread Giveaway – it’s so fun to hear from all of you! On Sunday, we had a big tri-birthday celebration, aka a pie extravaganza.  I proposed to my dear friend Seth, and our farm apprentice Jeanine (the other two birthdays) that we try birthday pies instead […]

What’s for dinner

Dinner time on the farm .  . . (photo by Jeanine Dargis) finds Cole eating hay off of Molly’s back.  Molly has turned out to be an amazingly sweet, chill ewe.  Ben has been hard at work building us a new barn door, and while he was using a Sawz-all to cut out some of […]

bonjour says Cole . . .

standing in our living room.  Apparently, if we don’t make sure our back door is firmly latched, he can walk in.  Whoops!  I guess it was Murphy’s Law that Sheep in a Subaru would have to be followed by a Horse in the House, eh? Hope to see all of you Saturday at the Field […]

the biggest dog of all

I made Calabacitas for dinner the other night, and was stunned that I had never made it before.  It is super easy, super delicious, and perfect for this time of year.  I did a simplified version of a recipe from Jessica Prentice’s book Full Moon Feast (available soon at Wheatberry). 2 Tbsp olive oil or […]

the weekend brings

light at the lake someone’s handmade flowers giggling cousins an apron for Genevieve a long overdue pedicure for Cole . . . and a broken refrigerator and broken toes.  But we don’t need photos of those, now do we?

this world of good work

It occurred to me that many of you may be wondering – Why get a horse?  Or even, as one customer put it, “What on earth are you going to do with a 1600 pound horse?” The answer to the second question is both simple and broad.  We’re going to farm with our horse, including […]

The Team

The scene: Sunday afternoon (our second day with Cole),walking down the street with Ben, Ella on my back and oats in my hand, looking for Cole. 8 ft cedar posts and 4ft hog wire fencing(our dog fence)is simply no match for a 1600lb curious horse named Cole. The crunch of  fence under Cole’s hoof(yes he […]


He’s a 9 year old 1600lb Belgian gelding(male with no goods) and he’s running around exploring the grounds behind our house. He’s a full well built draft who’s very sweet and ready to get to work! We have a plow, disc harrow, and row cultivator and our first job will be plowing and seeding the […]

do a little (sun) dance

Well, last Thursday I was so tired of chill and rain, and wet clothes mildewing on the drying rack that I finally made a fire in the woodstove, cranked up The Talking Heads, and got my boogie on with Ella.  While we can't claim full credit for the sun coming out the next day, I […]

small grains

I wanted to share more photos from our small farm in Shutesbury, particularly of the grain trials we're doing.  Here are the oats, and some spring-planted Glenn wheat:   I had planned a lot more photos for this post, but had so many wonderful visitors at the bakery today that I didn't have time to […]