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Starting Seeds

It happens every year, as soon as the light starts to return – we get hungry to start some seeds.  It’s addictive.  Once you have witnessed the ordinary magic of placing a tiny dead-looking seed into soil, tucking it in, watering, and then watching as green stalks push forth bravely, there is no going back. […]

Get Real: Gardening & Homesteading

A few weeks ago, when I posted about having a garden this year instead of a farm, the wonderful and sweet Tonya of Plain & Joyful Living said to me that she had just been telling her husband about my family, and wondering how we did it all.  I replied that I’d been wondering the […]

Loose Ends

Are you feeling it, too?  The sap is rising, the snow has nearly melted, and spring cleaning season is here.  I’m certainly feeling it.  I think I mentioned that I’ve been trying to finish up old projects – knitting, sewing, mending .  . . I’ve had the urge to scrub down parts of the house […]

Planning the Garden – Yes, I said Garden (not Farm)

garden, 2005   our first tomato harvest, 2002 small farm, spring 2008 Friends, this year we are planning a garden.  Ever since we started growing organic vegetables eleven (!) years ago, each year we have grown more and more, larger and larger sized plots, until we had truly reached small farm scale.  We grew an […]


Last weekend, we journeyed to DC to join the Forward on Climate Rally.  We were there – four among 50,000 – that’s no typo – Fifty Thousand.  What can I say about this?  We packed a suitcase of clothes and a suitcase full of organic food, and the kids were mostly great on the long […]


I’m not sure how many times I will have to relearn this lesson – that when everything feels overwhelming and impossible, I need only step outside and see the sky to know that everything is possible. We’re packing today, to head to DC for the Forward on Climate Change gathering. I have a dream, remember? […]

The People’s Will

Friends, I”m hoping you’re going to join us February 17th in Washington DC.  Officially, we’ll be there to ask the President, once again, to reject the Keystone Pipeline and prevent the exploitation of the Tar Sands.  More than that, we are showing the government the will of the people – that it is our will […]

Storing My Grain Share

Oh, happy day that we bring home locally grown, organic whole grains and dried beans to our kitchen. This is one of our favorite days of the year, and I wanted to show you today what it looks like to bring home our share. We start with two bushel baskets filled with paper bags of […]

Charcuterie & Odd Bits

Thank you so much for all your kind responses to my last post – I’m really glad you all enjoyed it so much! After the slaughter on Tuesday night, we kept working an hour or two each day, to pack all the primal cuts in salt (more on that later, I promise), and freeze a […]

Blood Moon

Tuesday evening, with the Blood Moon shining down on us, we harvested our first pig on the farm, joining a long line of tradition, all those who came before us in raising animals with love, and taking their lives with gratitude and respect.  This is the exact time of year when animal slaughters have always […]