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Grain in Hand!

We did it folks!  It took a ton more processing work than we expected (like Ben and Adam at the Granary on Christmas Day, de-hulling oats), but we got a lot of folks their grain shares last Sunday.  Hooray!  First, we crammed every available inch of the bakery with grains, and with some amazing help […]

The Beauty of the Harvest (from Ben)

I want to take a moment here to thank Arnie Voehringer: Master farmer, mentor, farming partner, friend, all around cool guy, and many many things to many many people…too many to name here, but Arnie has taken me and Adam under his wing these past two years and given us so much of his time, […]

The Mill!!!

It’s here folks!  After months and months of cross-Atlantic, cross-lingual communications and waiting and nerves, and some final customs wrangling, the mill arrived.  In one piece.  And it is a beautiful sight to behold. It is not plugged in yet, but we have the electricians coming soon, and by the time we get the rest […]

The Many Faces of “Landrace” Corn

Pictured above is 3 varieties of corn being grown for the CSA shares this season. The big yellow guys are “Early Riser”, the tiny red ones are “Strawberry Popcorn”, and all of the multicolored corn forming the arc is “Mandan Bride”. The corn will be ready for harvest in the next 2-4 weeks depending on […]

Putting the C in CSA

(The fabulous bean harvest crew from Monday’s event) (a bouquet from Sunday’s sewing bee) Have we mentioned that we love you, our shareholders, supporters, friends, our community? We do. Today’s bean harvesting party started out a bit depressing.  It was discouraging that we had to have a bean harvesting party at all – the combine […]

Field Day 2009

For those of you who couldn’t join us, a taste of the delightful time we had at the Field Day . . . Getting ready Harvest loaves from the spring “Red Fife” wheat we grew here at White Oak Farm, part of your upcoming shares!!! Ben baked one whole meal loaf (the entire wheat berry […]

Holy Smokes…It’s In The Bag!

This field of wheat and oats stood… And then we drove straight through it with Arnie”s John Deere 40 Combine harvester(1950′s) pouring over 5 tons of Winter wheat, Barley, Emmer and Esker Oats into the bin on top of the This “heritage” machine! So much Thanks to Arnie, Adam, Captain Bill, White Oak farm, NESFI, […]