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Get Real: Gardening & Homesteading

A few weeks ago, when I posted about having a garden this year instead of a farm, the wonderful and sweet Tonya of Plain & Joyful Living said to me that she had just been telling her husband about my family, and wondering how we did it all.  I replied that I’d been wondering the […]

Spring Days & Farm Tour

Spring days get pretty crazy around here. May is one of our busiest months of the year at Wheatberry, and also a busy time on the farm, of course. In our town, May is just the beginning of being able to put plants outside, not to mention all the field prep to be done, and […]

Favorites: Shearing Day

The magic of shearing day – huge wooly sheep, one exeprienced man with a pair of hand shears, and in ten minutes, a very skinny sheep and a huge pile of fleece.  Now they’re ready to be bagged up and shipped off to the mill.  How lucky am I.

Made for this

I have been feeling, these days, incredibly be blessed to be here, in our beloved Valley, enjoying the tender new spring.  This time of year, driving past other greening farms, I wonder how anyone could choose to live anywhere else, or live any other kind of life. In June, sometimes, in the crazy scramble to […]

Then there were Five

We woke up early Wed morning to bleating.  Ben said, “Do you hear those new lambs?” and I lept out of bed, waking Ella.  She started crying but when Ben told her the new lambs were here, she jumped to her feet, too, tears filling her eyes, hand to her mouth, saying, “Oh, I had […]

Gratitude – Curly Had a Little Lamb!

her fleece was white as snow (lanolin-covered snow, that is). Meet Clover, our sweet little ewe lamb, born Wednesday.  My dad was in the backyard putting up fence, walked over the hill for less than 10 minutes, and came back to see a little white lump on the ground – Clover!  Curly surprised us all […]

Getting Ready for all that

More from last week’s bean planting . . . And have I mentioned that our two ewes are hugely pregnant?  Oh yes, there is that . . . For now, we’re feeding our girls kale and red raspberry leaves fresh from the garden, and keeping a close eye. I’ve got my Herbal Handbook for Farm […]

Sunday is for Shearing

We did it!  Today, while Ella played in the piles of hay, and a few bemused neighbors looked on (they happened to walk over at just the right moment), we sheared our first sheep. I knew that Molly would be way skinnier when we were done of course, but it was so funny to see […]

Gratitude – Friday Feb 19

This week, I’m grateful for the restorative powers of a calm day at home. I’m grateful for this yoga sequence, which rescued me from serious back pain. Grateful for this quote from Ella, as we were on our way to a grain meeting: “. . . and I’m going to talk about emmer!” Grateful for […]

Gratitude Friday

Today, I’m grateful for all your wonderful emails and comments. Grateful that I got to visit my grandmother last winter, and that she got a chance to meet Ella before passing away yesterday.  Grateful for her long life and many blessings. Tiger Beans – saving seed to plant for next year’s shares snowy fun at […]