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What’s for dinner

Dinner time on the farm .  . . (photo by Jeanine Dargis) finds Cole eating hay off of Molly’s back.  Molly has turned out to be an amazingly sweet, chill ewe.  Ben has been hard at work building us a new barn door, and while he was using a Sawz-all to cut out some of […]

flashback – NOFA summer conference

Well folks, it’s been quite a month!  Between family visiting, our farm animal population increasing, new staff coming on at Wheatberry, the grain harvest, and Ella being her usual hilarious, sweet, challenging self, I hardly know what day it is, what I did yesterday, or what I’m doing tomorrow.  Looking back, it seems like last […]

sheep in a jeep! (ok, a Subaru)

If you have a farm and a baby, it is possible that you will someday find yourself riding in the backseat of a Subaru, a two-year old who despises car rides strapped next to you, and two large sheep tethered (you hope) in the back.  Or maybe you won’t.  But today I did.  Ben and […]