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Tips for Pastry Baking with Fresh Whole Grain Flours

A few weeks ago, I posted a link to a cake recipe on our Localgrain Facebook page, and one of the comments asked why I’d posted it, since surely it would have to be made with white flour.  It was a really good reminder for me that the 70s stigma of whole-grain brick bread and […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies – For A Rainy Day

          It was a rainy Saturday.  Cold and rainy.  After such a bitter winter, a cold rainy day in late April is a bit hard to take.  We made it to the farmer’s market this morning, and got some gorgeous spinach and arugula, but after chicken soup for lunch, I thought […]

Now We Are Six & A Pyramid Cake

  Now she is six.  We celebrated over the weekend at a local pond with a few friends, which was simple and lovely.  I brought a big bag of popcorn, asked everyone to bring water bottles, and we brought a cake.  At first, she wanted a castle cake, but she’s obsessed with ancient Egypt, so […]

Love: GAPS Intro

I’ll be honest with you, friends – moving into GAPS Intro was not easy for me, although I thought it would be.  The baby and I had already been grain-free, egg-free, bean-free, and dairy-free for three months, but I still had some trouble those first rocky days.  Mostly, I think I caused my own trouble […]

Cooking Local Whole Grains & Beans

Hello everyone.  With the local grain harvests pouring in, and many new members joining us (yes, there are still shares available), it feels like a wonderful time to share more info about local grains & beans.  Here’s the handout I put together for my NOFA class on Cooking with Local Whole Grains & Beans.  We […]

Radical Kitchens

Hello everyone!  Ben, Gabriel, and I had so much fun presenting at NOFA last weekend!  The great news is that Ben got it all on video, so very soon we’ll have those videos up here for you to view! In the meantime, get a cup of tea and dig in to the handout I gave […]

In the Kitchen

I spend most of my days in the kitchen, both at Wheatberry and at home. I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what I’ve been up to. After wanting to make it for years (seriously), I finally made Anadama bread last weekend. And was totally bummed that I waited so long, […]

The Big Thaw

Signs of spring. Rain, rain, and rain, bringing on mud season – hope you’re ready!  (And goodbye, clean kitchen floor.) Six eggs from six chickens, two days in a row.  I had to make cheesecake (Keller’s, from Ad Hoc.  It was divine, of course.) A dog who comes in from a night on wandering, reeking […]

It’s Our Birthday, So We’re Giving You Local Bread

(us, circa 2007 – Ella was three months old when we opened this space!) That’s right friends, this month marks three years on Main St in Amherst!  We have the most amazing customers, and we’re so proud to be part of this thriving, beautiful community.  To celebrate, we’ve had free birthday cake in past years, […]

Since We Last Spoke . . .

I drove slowly , heart in my throat, Ella in the backseat, as Ben and Cole made their way through the center of our town to our bean field on the riding cultivator for the first time. And then they, with our amazing friend and farming partner Seth, proceeded to rock the field, weeding and […]