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Elderflower Champagne

If you’ve never tasted it, let me be the first to tell you – elderflower champagne tastes like the nectar of the gods.  It’s very mildly alcoholic and very fragrantly floral.  Elderflowers are blooming right now here in western MA, so go pick a few (but remember to leave plenty to mature into fruits!) and […]

Wraps Around the World – A Dinner Journey

As we started putting together our dinner menu this week, we noticed that we had sushi and crepes and eggrolls – all wraps. Ben suggested  we continue the theme, and so, we have a global food journey this week, wraps around the world. Monday: Homemade Sushi. (Ben is usually the sushi master in our house. […]

In the Kitchen

            First: the wonderful Tonia is hosting a giveaway of my poetry book The Salt – hop on over to her blog to enter for a chance to win   Our cafe & bakery officially closed its doors last week.  We celebrated this new stage of life (focusing on our […]

Cooking at Home

A new sort of menu, for our new days here . . . we have our last week of open doors at the cafe, but with shorter hours so we are in between.  Realizing I have to get back in the groove of cooking three meals a day (and snacks).  Exciting, but a change for […]

Feb 14

Grateful for yesterday – Another blizzard, another healing day at home. Except for the part where Ella didn’t want to do school, and instead of remaining calm, I got really frustrated. It happens. Partly, I think it’s time to set our math block aside and move back to writing. Partly, I need to chill out […]

February 8

  I’m not exactly sure what to say about this past month. That we’ve been working lots, and sleeping little? That it’s been one of the most challenging years of my life, and we’re only in February? Both of those are true. It’s also true that we’ve been working hard *together*, which is a blessing. […]

January 20 – Oyster Artichoke Stew

It’s been too long since I shared a recipe here, don’t you think? Most of the recipes I cook (and share) are everyday recipes, humble but delicious goodness. Sometimes we need something really special, though. This soup comes straight from my childhood – my grandfather would make this every Christmas, and now it’s what I […]

A Dinner Menu for Early Fall

(fennel slaw – so tasty!!) This weekly menu went over quite well here – perhaps you will like it, too Monday: leftovers, and salad Tuesday: (breakfast for dinner) omelet, salad, biscuits, green smoothies Wednesday: pulled pork, homemade tacos, fresh corn & bell peppers Thursday: (soup) Carrot Tomato Soup with corn, deviled eggs Friday: (most of […]

Love What You Love

(Ok, so I just wrote this whole post, and then lost it.  Let’s try again.) I guess you could say this is my mantra these days – Love what you love.  I really mean it.  I’ve been realizing this year how much time I spend doing things I think I should do, instead of what […]

Summer Classes!

After lots of customer requests, we’ve got two really delicious, fun classes lined up for you this summer, both taught by Adrie.  We only have 15 spots for each class, so reserve your spot quick – sign up at or you can send in a check (more info below). Thursday this Fall (Date TBA), […]