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In Which the Baby is Better

It’s been at least a month now, but I haven’t told you, because I was afraid to jinx it, afraid that it couldn’t possibly be true. But it is true – the little baby man is totally healed, and can eat everything again!! (I thought at first I’d post a photo of myself chowing down […]

Get Real – Making Dinner

A few weeks ago, when I posted about having a garden this year instead of a farm, the wonderful and sweet Tonya of Plain & Joyful Living said to me that she had just been telling her husband about my family, and wondering how we did it all.  I replied that I’d been wondering the […]

Au Revoir to Snacks

Inspired by French Kids Eat Everything, we are cutting snacks down in our house.  Waaaay down, from “feed the children a snack anytime they’re hungry, except maybe 10 minutes before dinner” to afternoon snack. Let me confess – I am a big time snacker.  My mother once described my preferred eating style as “grazing,” and […]

Breakfast & Lunch on GAPS

My dear friend Kyce wanted to know what I’m eating for breakfast and lunch, after I posted a GAPS-friendly dinner menu.  So here you go!  Honestly, it’s a little hard for me to remember which of these were breakfast, and which were lunch, lol.  That is one of the hard adjustments at first, but now […]

French Kids Eat Everything (Plus Knitting and Dyeing)

  Joining Ginny for Yarn Along today.  I’m reading – and loving! – French Kids Eat Everything.  This book rocks, and I can’t summarize it because there’s so much good info.  The story of a family who moves from Vancouver to France for a year, and discovers that their daughters (who only eat pasta and […]

GAPS Dinner Menu for the Week

As I started the GAPS diet with the little babe, I’ve been so grateful to all the wonderful folks who have shared their experiences and wisdom.  I wanted to give a little bit of that back by sharing a current example of meal planning in my home – a week of GAPS-friendly dinners.  You know […]

Love: GAPS Intro

I’ll be honest with you, friends – moving into GAPS Intro was not easy for me, although I thought it would be.  The baby and I had already been grain-free, egg-free, bean-free, and dairy-free for three months, but I still had some trouble those first rocky days.  Mostly, I think I caused my own trouble […]

GAPS Intro Soup

  (veggies prepped for a different soup – sorry if that’s confusing!) I made this soup for dinner last night, not expecting much from it, but it was so delicious that Ben made me promise to write it down.  I had the leftovers for breakfast.  And yes, it’s delicious even if you’re not on the […]

Starting GAPS

This week, the baby and I are starting the GAPS diet.  Several of you mentioned GAPS after my last post on our digestive challenges, and then a dear friend of mine loaned me the GAPS book.  The little I knew about GAPS was that it’s most commonly used by families who have autistic children, so […]

Storing My Grain Share

Oh, happy day that we bring home locally grown, organic whole grains and dried beans to our kitchen. This is one of our favorite days of the year, and I wanted to show you today what it looks like to bring home our share. We start with two bushel baskets filled with paper bags of […]