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Wraps Around the World – A Dinner Journey

As we started putting together our dinner menu this week, we noticed that we had sushi and crepes and eggrolls – all wraps. Ben suggested  we continue the theme, and so, we have a global food journey this week, wraps around the world. Monday: Homemade Sushi. (Ben is usually the sushi master in our house. […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies – For A Rainy Day

          It was a rainy Saturday.  Cold and rainy.  After such a bitter winter, a cold rainy day in late April is a bit hard to take.  We made it to the farmer’s market this morning, and got some gorgeous spinach and arugula, but after chicken soup for lunch, I thought […]

January 20 – Oyster Artichoke Stew

It’s been too long since I shared a recipe here, don’t you think? Most of the recipes I cook (and share) are everyday recipes, humble but delicious goodness. Sometimes we need something really special, though. This soup comes straight from my childhood – my grandfather would make this every Christmas, and now it’s what I […]

GAPS Intro Soup

  (veggies prepped for a different soup – sorry if that’s confusing!) I made this soup for dinner last night, not expecting much from it, but it was so delicious that Ben made me promise to write it down.  I had the leftovers for breakfast.  And yes, it’s delicious even if you’re not on the […]

Love: Soup

Soup is, in my humble opinion, a mother’s best friend.  Soup warms the spirit as well as the body, and provides hydration as well as food.  It can often be a challenge to get young children to drink enough, especially sick ones who need it the most.  In our home, we eat soup once or […]

A No-Sugar, Natural Cough & Throat Soother

When cold weather comes, many of us end up with a sore throat, or a cough, especially the tickly kind that just won’t go away or let us rest.  Years ago, I learned to make slippery elm balls, and they worked super well for this – coating the throat, settling the cough.  Slippery elm is […]

, Winter Warmers

Inspired by a recent conversation with a lovely new customer at Wheatberry, I wanted to share some great local resources for those in the Valley, and some winter warming recipes, for all of you, wherever you may be! For locals: If you don’t already know about it, the Amherst Saturday Farmer’s Market is still going […]

Asaparagus Emmer Gratin

I wanted a dish to use some of our local asparagus bounty and also highlight one of our favorite grains from last year’s grain share – emmer (also known as farro). Before a few years ago, I had never tasted emmer, and it’s turned out to be a hit with many of our members – […]

A Spring Greens Tart

I made this awesome tart and keep meaning to tell you about it. It’s loosely based on the Mixed Greens Tart from Lulu’s Provencal Table, but simpler and with a potato crust. It’s an excellent way to enjoy all the amazing spring greens from the farmer’s market (or your garden!) and turn them into a […]

Sweet Potato Bisque

Congrats to giveaway winner Natalie! (pretend that here is a photo of delicious bisque – we always eat it before I can get a photo) Here, as requested is the recipe for Sweet Potato Coconut Bisque. The sweet potatoes give a really gorgeous color to this soup. As you’ll see, it’s very simple and quick, […]