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Cooking at Home

A new sort of menu, for our new days here . . . we have our last week of open doors at the cafe, but with shorter hours so we are in between.  Realizing I have to get back in the groove of cooking three meals a day (and snacks).  Exciting, but a change for […]

Big News

Big News!! Our family has some huge news to share – after ten years of running our beloved bakery/cafe, and also running our extremely successful grain CSA, we will be making a change and shifting all our energies into our ever growing CSA.  We will also be developing a new share (top secret but really exciting!), […]

Out of the Deep Winter

As the last snows melt, and the sun begins to warm more than the top inch of soil, I’m starting to really believe that we made it – spring is here! Whew. This was a long. long. winter, in all senses of the phrase.  We had, like many places, deep snows (which we often do) […]

February 8

  I’m not exactly sure what to say about this past month. That we’ve been working lots, and sleeping little? That it’s been one of the most challenging years of my life, and we’re only in February? Both of those are true. It’s also true that we’ve been working hard *together*, which is a blessing. […]

Jan 23

Loving: our new tables. The new Liquid Love – peanut butter hot chocolate. Opening a farmstand and epicerie fine at our cafe (photos soon!). Serving our community with honesty and love. Not loving: all the franchises moving into our small town. Pipes that are still frozen. Mostly, though, just grateful, and doing the work that […]

Jan 17

  These last weeks have been an excellent reminder, that if you’re having trouble feeling content with your normal life, the universe will happily supply a lot of chaos to help you remember. Highlights have included equipment breaking, a piece of our bedroom ceiling falling in in the middle of the night, a one-week construction […]

Summer Classes!

After lots of customer requests, we’ve got two really delicious, fun classes lined up for you this summer, both taught by Adrie.  We only have 15 spots for each class, so reserve your spot quick – sign up at or you can send in a check (more info below). Thursday this Fall (Date TBA), […]

Love: Soup

Soup is, in my humble opinion, a mother’s best friend.  Soup warms the spirit as well as the body, and provides hydration as well as food.  It can often be a challenge to get young children to drink enough, especially sick ones who need it the most.  In our home, we eat soup once or […]

, Winter Warmers

Inspired by a recent conversation with a lovely new customer at Wheatberry, I wanted to share some great local resources for those in the Valley, and some winter warming recipes, for all of you, wherever you may be! For locals: If you don’t already know about it, the Amherst Saturday Farmer’s Market is still going […]

Little Aprons

If you’ve been at Wheatberry recently, you may have noticed we have a pint-sized employee. Her name is Ella (aka Lucy), and her favorite jobs include scrubbing the floor and serving customers. She made her apron herself (one of our projects from Sewing School).  (And thanks to Mika for the fabric, which we adore!)