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Boston CSA pickup!

Hello good folks, just here to spread the word that we are adding a new option to pick up your local grain share in Boston, at Waltham Community Farms!  Woo hoo! In other news, we’re adding lots of awesome gluten free and Paleo options to the menu and the pastry case at Wheatberry (even bread […]

Cooking Local Whole Grains & Beans

Hello everyone.  With the local grain harvests pouring in, and many new members joining us (yes, there are still shares available), it feels like a wonderful time to share more info about local grains & beans.  Here’s the handout I put together for my NOFA class on Cooking with Local Whole Grains & Beans.  We […]

The Menu

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing our current lunch menu at Wheatberry (you’ll find a lot of the same items on my current home menu).  Also, do you know that I will be teaching two workshops at this year’s NOFA conference?  One on cooking with local whole grains and beans, and […]

In the Kitchen

I spend most of my days in the kitchen, both at Wheatberry and at home. I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what I’ve been up to. After wanting to make it for years (seriously), I finally made Anadama bread last weekend. And was totally bummed that I waited so long, […]

Heavy Construction

Here in our little world it’s a time of heavy construction, both inside and out. The bakery got some lovely renovations this week (more customer space! Photos soon at the spiffy new Wheatberry site, I promise), that wall we knocked down finally got finished up with some gorgeous timber from our land, and the biggest […]

A Video!

Hello everyone, and Happy Spring! Today, we have a video that shows our farm and bakery, put together by our friend and neighbor Shalini Bahl. We talk about everything from using draft horses, the real cost of food, and how to make your love visible. Enjoy! AWEtv from Seed to Scone with Adrie Lester of […]

Winter Fare

On Saturday, we got up extra early and loaded both bread decks full of Local Loaf goodness. We filled our racks with cookies, scones, and local bran muffins, and drove with many helpers to enter the fray at the Northampton Winter Fare, put together by CISA. We had a 2010 grain share on display in […]

We Still Need to Have this Conversation

What is food?  What is not food?  Do you know the difference?  Do you know what you’re eating?  Do you know what your children are eating? It’s 8 pm now – our whole family woke up (for no particular reason) at 3:30 am and was at the bakery by 5 am, so I should be […]

Gratitude Friday

Sometimes, after making hundreds of tomato sandwiches and salads, and putting up dozens of quarts of tomatoes for the winter, you come home to kitchen counters filled with this. And this. Over 100 pounds of tomatoes, some to be used right away (there’s Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup at Wheatberry, folks!), the rest to be sorted […]

It’s Our Birthday, So We’re Giving You Local Bread

(us, circa 2007 – Ella was three months old when we opened this space!) That’s right friends, this month marks three years on Main St in Amherst!  We have the most amazing customers, and we’re so proud to be part of this thriving, beautiful community.  To celebrate, we’ve had free birthday cake in past years, […]