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The First Week, & Things Get A Little Less Quiet

This is our first week of second grade here at home.  I like to ease into the year a bit, and we’re starting with Native American creation stories, form drawing, and gardening.  On Mondays, we do baking & French.  The week started a bit ominously, with the toddler waking up for several hours (wide awake!) […]


What’s that you say?  It was five degrees outside Saturday night?  Well, if you ask Ella, it is officially spring, and therefore we should all be wearing sandals and no sweaters.  Preferably, just ballet tutus, as you’ll see. At our house, I’m looking around and seeing a lot of my favorite color – yellow.  We […]

Let’s talk about Breakfast

(sausage gravy and pumpkin biscuits – when I was pregnant my idea of breakfast was, apparently, meat meat and more meat) After I started planning our dinners last winter, I was really excited about how well it went. How much calm it brought to my life. (Seriously, every bit helps!) So over the summer I […]