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The Quilt

    Last week, in a brief respite from toddler mania, I finished this quilt.  It took me a year and a half (most of that time spent folded up sitting idly on a shelf), but I did it.  I used up a lot of scraps – to keep it simple, I cut them in […]

Little Aprons

If you’ve been at Wheatberry recently, you may have noticed we have a pint-sized employee. Her name is Ella (aka Lucy), and her favorite jobs include scrubbing the floor and serving customers. She made her apron herself (one of our projects from Sewing School).  (And thanks to Mika for the fabric, which we adore!)

On Her Birthday

(I meant to write this yesterday, March 30, which was my Mama Shockley’s birthday, but yesterday was a long, long day.  Today will have to do.) You may remember that I lost my maternal grandmother, Mama Shockley, this January.  March 31 was her birthday, and I wanted to spend a few moments remembering her.  I […]

Book Giveaway – The Handmade Marketplace

Ok – onward!  Our friends over at Storey Publishing also sent this book our way.  Even though I’m not thinking about selling handmade goods at the moment, it was a total pleasure to read.  A lot of it is about the creative process, photography, and blogging, and I got some fun ideas.  Now I’d like […]

on the other hand, beauty

(Ben’s preserved lemons-in-process: quartered, salted, smooshed into a jar, fermented 5-10 days at room temp, then put into the fridge.  The best part is you can use the whole lemon after it’s preserved, rind and all.) It’s always incredible to me how hard the world can be, and also, how incredibly beautiful.  How thoughtless we […]

One Small Change, and Meet Dolly

I’m excited to join Hip Mountain Mama’s One Small Change project (and it’s very inspiring to see how many other folks are joining, too!).  For January, my change is to complete the weatherizing projects I started this winter, at last!  I already finished two of these draft snakes for our leaky windows, using some of […]

Step One – Buy Less Stuff

First, I want to thank everyone for your wonderful, thought-provoking comments and emails.  Keep em coming!  Because of the amount of response, I’d like to spend the next week or so delving in a little deeper here.  I thought I’d go through the steps again, and show you how we’ve applied them in our lives, […]

Works in Progress Wed – the growing list . . .

The to-do list around here (home, farm and bakery) is getting pretty long. . . in the best sort of way. A pasture fence to finish, a compost pile to spread The beginning of shawl for my grandmother – pretty funky yarn, I know, but she’ll totally love it. (And thank you, Mom, for handing […]