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Local Bread Shares!

Alright folks, this is your last chance.  If you live in our beautiful Pioneer Valley, we have only a few spots left in the local bread share program.  If you didn’t get a grain share this year, (or if you did but you’re not a bread baker) this is a great way to have delicious, […]

Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain member recipes!

Hello folks – wanted to share some links to some of our wonderful CSA members, many of whom have blogs where they’ll be posting recipes and photos of the delicious meals they make with their shares! Leslie Cerier – local cookbook author and chef, holds cooking classes, and has many whole grain recipes in her […]

Step Three – Eat Local

Here in the Pioneer Valley, we are blessed with CISA, and their tremendously successful “Be  a Local Hero” campaign, which has brought a lot of attention to buying local foods.  At Wheatberry, we’re one of a handful of food businesses that really focuses on serving fresh foods, bought from local farms (almost always organic farms, […]

WIP Wednesday

the whole saving the planet, feed the world thing our Top 10 Steps Oh yeah, that project.  Photos of crafts and our sweet daughter and parties aside, this is what keeps us going.  Some of your recent comments and emails have got me thinking – how much do people really know about what we do?  […]

Local Bread Giveaway

It’s giveaway time, folks! For our first giveaway, we are offering TWO lucky folks two loaves of local bread, one whole meal, and one with sifted flour (using the amazing new mill!)  These will be sourdough loaves, made by Ben at Wheatberry with wheat grown right here in Hadley MA at Alan Zuchowski’s Lazy Acres […]

vintage apron surprise and Hadley wheat

About a month ago, before the harvest explosion and all our visitors arrived, a dear family friend sent me an amazing surprise package of vintage aprons and fabrics.  She had been reading the blog, and was so tickled by my apron-making for the bakery, that she sent along some of the aprons made and collected […]

Field Day 2009

For those of you who couldn’t join us, a taste of the delightful time we had at the Field Day . . . Getting ready Harvest loaves from the spring “Red Fife” wheat we grew here at White Oak Farm, part of your upcoming shares!!! Ben baked one whole meal loaf (the entire wheat berry […]

Holy Smokes…It’s In The Bag!

This field of wheat and oats stood… And then we drove straight through it with Arnie”s John Deere 40 Combine harvester(1950′s) pouring over 5 tons of Winter wheat, Barley, Emmer and Esker Oats into the bin on top of the This “heritage” machine! So much Thanks to Arnie, Adam, Captain Bill, White Oak farm, NESFI, […]