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A Lot of Walks

  Still here, though quiet these days.  Mostly, I’m busy in the days with homeschooling Ella (2nd grade), my own herbal studies, and general mothering/homekeeping.  By night I’m so tired that I go to sleep with the kids, or possibly read a little.  But I do miss this space, so ehre I am.  My big […]


Gratitudes: For friends who are also feeling grateful these days, too. For finally getting to canning some applesauce – it’s been three years since it last happened in my kitchen. Grateful, especially, for beautiful organic apples from a local orchard, spared by the spring frosts this year. Grateful to be feeling more and more like […]


I go outside with my lantern, my lantern goes with me Above the stars shine brightly, down here on earth shone we The cock does crow, the cat meows, la bimmel, la bammel, la boom, ‘Neath heaven’s dome til we go home, la bimmel, la bammel, la boom. (you can hear this sung here) I […]

Yarn Along

Today, I’m joining Ginny of Small Things, who had the fabulous idea to photo our current knitting and our current reading – so here we are! Knitting some Elf Slippers for Ella for Martinmas (one is already finished – hooray!) with lovely bright red yarn from our sweet neighbor at Red Hen Farm, and I […]