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Whole Grain Weekends – Join Me!

Hello everyone!  I’m really excited to start a new tradition here, and I hope you may be inspired to join us.  Whole Grain Weekends will be happening in this space the first and third weekends of the month.  I’m going to post a recipe and photos, and have a space below where I will link […]

Grain Cleaning, Posole, & Some Gratitude

First – my favorite moment this week, for which I am so grateful, amidst turmoil and our whole family being really sick: Standing in the twilight drizzle, feeding the chickens with Ella, watching her gather weeds for them, and “read” them a story about bunnies. I hope you’ll forgive me for mish-mashing a bunch of […]

Holy Smokes…It’s In The Bag!

This field of wheat and oats stood… And then we drove straight through it with Arnie”s John Deere 40 Combine harvester(1950′s) pouring over 5 tons of Winter wheat, Barley, Emmer and Esker Oats into the bin on top of the This “heritage” machine! So much Thanks to Arnie, Adam, Captain Bill, White Oak farm, NESFI, […]