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Feb 20

This week, I started to feel some confidence creeping back, in fits and starts. I started to remember that I have lived most of my life believing that mistakes are eventually forgiven, that we are surrounded by love, even if our eyes and hearts are sometimes shut tight with fear or worry. Tonight, I’m spending […]

Just Like That

Just like that, September’s gone and October is here.  For me, the summer seems to drag on endlessly, and the fall just flies by in turbulent winds of change.  Ella lost her first tooth (it’s hard to tell in the photo, because her adult teeth are coming in already behind), with another about to follow.  […]

Hard Work, Munchkins, Yarn, & Twitter. Whew.

I’ve spent the past week working my tail off.  Really, I thought I was working pretty hard before, but apparently not.  Sometimes, it is possible to be working hard at Wheatberry, trying to renovate our house, planting/tending the garden, and trying to sew my daughter’s birthday present before June.  I know, if I were to […]

Keeping It Simple

  I’m thinking about ways to keep this holiday season simple. When I look back at my own childhood, what do I remember most as being truly special? Here’s the short list I made – yours might look quite different: Beautiful music & singing (I was in a choir for many years) Beautiful decorations & […]


Some thoughts about warmth, from our recent mother’s circle. I thought you might like them, too. This month we talked about *warmth*. The days are getting chilly and it’s time to be bundling ourselves and our children up – Mamas of children under 7, this is especially for you. Your small ones do not know […]

A Birthday, Minus the Melancholy

This weekend, I turn twenty nine years old. Usually, I get very melancholy around my birthday.  I always seem to get stuck in obsessing over how little I’ve done in the past year – another whole year gone by, and what have I done?  Not changed the world, certainly.  Not solved climate change, or fixed […]