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Plant Yourself Like Seed

This poem is so appropriate, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. It’s from the book Ten Poems to Set You Free that I mentioned in Yarn Along. (And yes, we’re using soil blocks to start our seeds, just like last year – we love them!)  Those of you who know me, know that I’m […]

Taking Joy

(photo by Ben on New Year’s Day) Taking Joy Twenty seven now, I am ready. I gather all the old depression journals, the teenage collages and melancholic cds, and I put them out on the curb.  Don’t leave us, they cry, you need us, we are part of you. I turned my back, I forgave […]

Yarn Along

(Joining Ginny and many other for Yarn Along). This is clearly going to be known as the winter of mittens.  With Ben and Ella both mittened up, and my hands getting numb from cold as I type and knit in the computer room while listening to archived Beacon shows, I cast on these Toasties with […]

Gratitude Friday

If this be the world If this be the world, let us continue as we are today-clean pants and green sweaters, the river pounding below us, buttery light coming through tall windows onto worn wooden floors. If the truth cannot be known, if this be the world, let it go on.  Where leaves have fallen, […]

Gratitude Friday – I Dream That I Am A Cabbage

I dream that I am a cabbage. I find an unloved piece of land and I begin to plant: two rows of cabbages, and then I fill the woolen earth with more seeds.  Carrots, potatoes, squash, wheat. They grow taller, I tend them gently, at night I sleep in a bed of soft leaves. When […]

WIP: some stitches, some words

Do you see how tantalizingly close this sweater is?  Must. finish. Even though truly warm weather is a ways off, and I’ll probably still be wearing the occasional sweater in May, my little polar bear was already walking around in short sleeves yesterday. And also, some new words.  Definitely in progress, but here we go. […]

Gratitude Saturday

First, I just want to say welcome to all the readers who came over from my interview swap with Heather of Shivaya Naturals.  I’m so glad you stopped by!  Usually I do a Gratitude Friday post, but since we had the fun interviews yesterday, let’s go for Gratitude Saturday.  Shall we? Grateful for Solstice Bulbs […]

Less Words, Old Words

Whew! Well, this past two weeks have been quite, um, interesting, on all fronts.  Home, bakery, Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain, there have been lots of ups and downs.  You, too? I’ve been loving doing the Ten Steps posts, and all the amazing feedback, but I’m going to take a little break before moving on to […]