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The Quilt

    Last week, in a brief respite from toddler mania, I finished this quilt.  It took me a year and a half (most of that time spent folded up sitting idly on a shelf), but I did it.  I used up a lot of scraps – to keep it simple, I cut them in […]

Love What You Love

(Ok, so I just wrote this whole post, and then lost it.  Let’s try again.) I guess you could say this is my mantra these days – Love what you love.  I really mean it.  I’ve been realizing this year how much time I spend doing things I think I should do, instead of what […]

Nine Months

I’ve been terribly lax about posting baby photos, I know. Gabriel is nine months old today! He remains a total peach, and it cracks me up that in this photo you can’t see his red hair at all, since that’s what everyone oohs and aahs over in real life. He is on the move – […]


This week, I sat down to patch some tears in our warm-weather quilt, and noticed that the quilt is not only getting pretty patchy, but the white patches are getting decidedly not-white.  At first this really bummed me out, but then I thought about it a while and realized this quilt has been our main […]

Gratitude Friday – the news from here

Some quick thoughts before we get on with Gratitude Friday.  I’ve found myself, over the last year, listening to (and reading) the news less and less.  I do get some environmental and food activism alerts via email, and I hear about major world events.  I used to listen to NPR daily, and really felt some […]