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The Quilt

    Last week, in a brief respite from toddler mania, I finished this quilt.  It took me a year and a half (most of that time spent folded up sitting idly on a shelf), but I did it.  I used up a lot of scraps – to keep it simple, I cut them in […]

Nine Months

I’ve been terribly lax about posting baby photos, I know. Gabriel is nine months old today! He remains a total peach, and it cracks me up that in this photo you can’t see his red hair at all, since that’s what everyone oohs and aahs over in real life. He is on the move – […]

Yarn Along – Giveaway!

I’m excited this week for Yarn Along to show you a project using some of the yarn that came back from the spinning mill!  It arrived just before Gabriel was born, and I feel so lucky to have it.  The brown yarn is not from our sheep – it’s from a fleece I got long […]

A Season for Sewing

Sewing, it turns out, is a good way to spend the morning for a pregnant mama and her daughter.  Over the past few months, Ella has gone from mildly interested in spending sewing time with me to attempting to run our house like a sweatshop.  As in, “Mama, no, we can’t take a break for […]

Crafting for the diaperless baby

I have been slowly but surely making a few things for this coming winter baby.  We’re planning to EC, just as we did with Ella, so even though I think handknitted baby pants are insanely adorable, it makes a lot more sense to make some teeny tiny wool legwarmers. (Just pretend you can’t see those […]

The Big Thaw

Signs of spring. Rain, rain, and rain, bringing on mud season – hope you’re ready!  (And goodbye, clean kitchen floor.) Six eggs from six chickens, two days in a row.  I had to make cheesecake (Keller’s, from Ad Hoc.  It was divine, of course.) A dog who comes in from a night on wandering, reeking […]

Piece Together Peace – Use What You’ve Got

I’ve been working this month (and will be all year, surely) to find contentment, nay, happiness, with what I’ve got.  To me, this means using the materials I already own instead of dreaming about and buying more.  Sewing with the fabrics I’ve been given and inherited, knitting with the yarn waiting in my basket, eating […]

Works in Progress

Turning this fabric into one of these.  (So luscious that I may have to make one for myself, too.) I had planned to make Ella one of these dolls for her gift this year, but when I lost more than a week of crafting time due to illness, I let go of that goal.  It […]

Some Sewing Catch-Up

Let’s talk about sewing, shall we?  Somehow, I forgot to show you some projects for the past few months, and I’m jazzed about a few new ones for the holidays.  I keep forgetting to mention it, but I’m joining Tonya and many others in making this a Handmade Holiday.  Today, I’ll show you what’s finished, […]

Yarn Along – Mittens and Stories

Today I’m joining Ginny‘s love of knitting and reading with Yarn Along: One Zimmerman mitered mitten done, one to go!  (And yes, I know there’s no thumb yet – she has you unravel some stitches to place the thumb in the exact right spot!).  Looking at this fun new book we have at Wheatberry, geared […]