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A Lot of Walks

  Still here, though quiet these days.  Mostly, I’m busy in the days with homeschooling Ella (2nd grade), my own herbal studies, and general mothering/homekeeping.  By night I’m so tired that I go to sleep with the kids, or possibly read a little.  But I do miss this space, so ehre I am.  My big […]

The First Week, & Things Get A Little Less Quiet

This is our first week of second grade here at home.  I like to ease into the year a bit, and we’re starting with Native American creation stories, form drawing, and gardening.  On Mondays, we do baking & French.  The week started a bit ominously, with the toddler waking up for several hours (wide awake!) […]

Reading & Knitting

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along today) I have the excellent problem right now that I am reading a lot of really good books. Awakening Shakti, by Sally Kempton, is a really fascinating look at the stories of the Hindu goddesses (which I know basically nothing about), and about tapping into those stories and those goddesses […]

Last Week, We . . .

Picked some wild grapes and made three wee little jars of jam.  More than we’ve made before. Washed a lot of wool outside in a tub, with some Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds (that’s just what I have around, you can use almost any mild soap).  Amazing to see the fleece whiten up.  Gabriel spent his […]

September Circle Time

I wanted to share our beginning circle time, since I appreciate so much the other homeschoolers who share theirs.  Blessings on your week, friends. September Circle Time: (start by lighting a candle) Opening Verse (parent/teacher recites:) The Sun with loving light Makes bright for me each day The soul with spirit power gives strength unto […]

The First Days of School

        We started First Grade this week. I’m not going to go over every detail, but here are some of what we’ve done, and some thoughts about it all . . . This past month, in addition to reading the curriculm, planning the details of our first weeks, and ordering supplies, I […]

Love What You Love

(Ok, so I just wrote this whole post, and then lost it.  Let’s try again.) I guess you could say this is my mantra these days – Love what you love.  I really mean it.  I’ve been realizing this year how much time I spend doing things I think I should do, instead of what […]

Getting Ready for School

(Joining Ginny from Small Things for Yarn Along) I’ve been very quiet here lately, mostly because my days are pretty full with working at the cafe.  When I’m not there, I’m chasing our very exuberant toddler around, whose new tricks include climbing the stairs when he thinks I’m not looking, and standing up on chairs, […]

Get Real: Homeschooling/Learning

Wow, there’s so much to say here, and so many ways to put my foot in my mouth, lol.  Our plan has always been to homeschool our children – both my husband and myself feel strongly about the state of our industrial school system, and our desire to find a different way.  From testing to […]


Some thoughts about warmth, from our recent mother’s circle. I thought you might like them, too. This month we talked about *warmth*. The days are getting chilly and it’s time to be bundling ourselves and our children up – Mamas of children under 7, this is especially for you. Your small ones do not know […]