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Knitting, Reading, & Such

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along). We start homeschooling next week, with the start of September.  After a stretch of very cool days, and the wonderful earlier nightfalls, I’m really feeling it.  The urge to organize, to clean the nooks & crannies, to get started on the next phase. I’m nearly done with Gabriel’s adorable squirrel […]

Moving On

Last week was crazy. I’m ready to move on. My proof copy of my book of poems (!!!) came in the mail – it’ll be ready for sale in just a few days after I make a few tweaks. I started knitting my Julissa – it’s not as terrifying as I thought it would be. […]

Reading & Knitting

(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along today) I have the excellent problem right now that I am reading a lot of really good books. Awakening Shakti, by Sally Kempton, is a really fascinating look at the stories of the Hindu goddesses (which I know basically nothing about), and about tapping into those stories and those goddesses […]

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along: I’m packing for Montreal – the most important things first. Knitting, and reading. Usualyl I pack lots of food, but since we’re house swapping, we’ll have a kitchen there, plus tons of farmers markets to visit and explore. I cast on a Bulle for Ella – so sweet, and I […]

Hard Work, Munchkins, Yarn, & Twitter. Whew.

I’ve spent the past week working my tail off.  Really, I thought I was working pretty hard before, but apparently not.  Sometimes, it is possible to be working hard at Wheatberry, trying to renovate our house, planting/tending the garden, and trying to sew my daughter’s birthday present before June.  I know, if I were to […]

Fair Isle Raglan & a little more about marriage

Joining Ginny today for Yarn Along – always fun.  I’m still knitting away on my husband’s raglan.  It is fun to show today, since I finished the fair isle band and I’m really tickled with how it came out! I picked up Eight Human Talents at the library a few weeks ago, and while I […]

Knitting & Reading

Joining Ginny today for Yarn Along – knitting and reading!  I know I just talked about Nourishing Traditions last time, but guess what?  They just released a book on Baby & Child Care, which I love love love.  We’re carrying it at the bakery, and I find it so satisfying to send home with people!  […]

Knitting & Reading

Joining Ginny today with knitting and reading for Yarn Along. I’m working hard to finish some lingering knitting projects – no new ones until I’m finished! I finished Gabriel’s Plain Pickle, and now this World’s Warmest Hat for my mother in law is almost done (only two years on the needles, ahem, sorry Nana!). Love […]

Yarn Along – Plain Pickles & Yoga

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along . . . (Sorry for the dark photo – I’ve got to remember to take my yarn along shots earlier in the day!)  I’m about halfway done with Gabriel’s Plain Pickles cardigan – the body and one sleeve are finished.  It’s been nice and easy, just as I’d hoped, and […]

Yarn Along – Phoebe Sweater & Warmth

  Joining Ginny for Yarn Along . . .   Ella’s Phoebe sweater is coming along.  I have solid hopes that I’ll finish both the wee ones’ sweaters by Christmas.  For a moment, I got a little too excited and also started this hat for Ella, and a vest for the little babe.  Hmmm.  Like […]